Latest Projects…… Carers Federation/Double Impact/Nottingham Women Poets

We are currently working on a book with the Nottingham Carers Federation which will be an anthology of stories by people who care for those suffering from addiction. The stories already submitted are breathtaking and sometimes heartbreaking in their honesty. You will appreciate that this is not a project to be rushed but one to be handled with great care and respect for all of those concerned. I will bring updates as they become available.

Two more projects are in the pipeline. Well, we own no actual pipes but you get the drift…..

One is with Double Impact and it will be a book of the writings of members of a creative writing group that is run there. I’ve read much of their work and it’s powerful stuff. Highly recommended; hoping we can make this happen.

The second is a book produced by a small group of women poets in Nottingham. Some of their work is unbelievably good. I mean it’s all great but at times they hit such high notes that you find yourself holding your breath. Again, watch this space.

That’s yer lot for now. Going to set up a special button on the Celandor website so I can make an ad-hoc sale of Miggy Angels book to someone in Malaysia. Cool, eh?! Yeah, I thought so too.

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