Pics from book launch of Grime Kerbstone Psalms

Here is a link to the video that we had streamed live on the internet of the launch.  The sound (and the event proper) starts at 13 minutes and 30 seconds and the audio quality is good but because it was streamed live the picture quality is a bit ropey. Phil Campbell from Cellar54  kindly took care of the streaming and had to rig up a battery powered aerial contraption in the window to get us a working signal so I am thrilled we got anything working at all! Thanks Phil for going WAY beyond our level of competence. And thanks once again to Waterstones for being such generous hosts and in particular to Amy Naylor-Morrell, the events manager, for her meticulous attention to detail and for making us feel so welcome (she’s in the very first photo, by the way).

And here is part 1 of a video taken from another camera….  this time the picture quality is good but the sound less so…. Ah, never mind!

And here are some random pics from the day. Enjoy.

IMG_1659-960 IMG_1660-960 IMG_1661-960 IMG_1663-960 IMG_1664-960 IMG_1670-960 IMG_1672-960 IMG_1674-960 IMG_1679-960 IMG_1681-960 IMG_1682-960 IMG_1686-960 IMG_1687-960 IMG_1688-960 IMG_1689-960 IMG_1696-960 IMG_1699-960 IMG_1702-960 IMG_1703-960 IMG_1705-960


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