Stories in Sandstone Book Launch at Hotel Deux, May 30th

Well folks, in my humble opinion the launch was a tremendous success! My sincere thanks to all who attended, both as audience members and performers, and to Kirsty Fox for her support in making it happen.

Oh, and of course to Rob for providing us with the fantastic venue that the Hotel Deux is. Still not been there? Go!!

Now I knew that Miggy Angel, the Sherwood poets – Georgia Brown and Rachel Burnett, and John Marriot would all be terrific (and they were) but I was blown away by how good the contributors from the Notts Writing Group were. Blimey gals and guys – you done us proud.

Anyhoo I am rushing about today so can’t write much more at the mo but just wanted to say a quick ‘ta muchly’. Photos will be posted as soon as I get them from Phil and Sam who kindly snapped away all night.

And finally to the book itself. As you may know all profits are going to the Nottingham Women’s Centre. This was the unanimous decision of the writers group and I am thrilled that we are supporting them – even more so after hearing Mel (the centre manager) give a brief (but brilliant) talk about the work they do and the support they offer.

So buying the book: well I ran out of time setting up the online paperback sales so for now the book is available to buy online as a kindle edition by clicking here.

I will try and sort out the paperback tonight.

Have a good day y’all.

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