Climbing Mountains Book Launch

The book launch of Climbing Mountains was a big success! (knew it would be as Glen Jarvis arranged it :-)   )

We expected a large turnout so it was by invitation only and the room was full.
Waterstones, Nottingham, allowed us the free use of their Sillitoe Room to hold the event in. We can’t thank the Regional Events Manager, Shane Maxwell-Atkin, enough for all the support he gave us.

We also want to thank local authors Jon McGregor and Nicola Monaghan who both spoke at the launch. Their support throughout the project has been fantastic.

Their talks were followed by Paula Torres-Silva, the editor, who explained how the book came about and the process by which she collected and transcribed the stories that were used.

Glen Jarvis from the Nottingham Crime and Drug Partnership (who supplied funding) then interviewed three of the authors. This was extremely well received by the audience. Lastly I (Mac McGuckin) talked about the Climbing Mountains Literature Project and introduced my two fellow trustees – Paula Torres-Silva and Katy Follows.

The audience then mingled and chatted for half an hour and finished off the pre-launch buffet that Glen had arranged. Feedback from everyone was very positive.

Finally I want to thank Maureen Black for sorting out all the administration for the event and staffing the sign-in desk.

Actually my final thanks go to all who have supported the project and to those who turned up on the day. You are all BRILLIANT!

Thank you.


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